Los Angeles


On our last night in LA we stayed at a hotel near the airport.  Our window overlooked part of the runway and I caught some slow shutter blurs of planes as they landed.

Super annoying to listen to all night, but beautiful to watch.


Going back to Cali

Quick iphone photos taken from our weekend trip out to Los Angeles.

Bill and I spent a year after we graduated Brooks living in downtown LA. It was one of the hardest years I've ever had and at the end of it I couldn't wait to leave. We went back to LA this past weekend for work and stayed a few days longer. I was surprised at how much I had missed it and how nostalgic it made me feel (of course I don't think about the bad times now.) I wish we could've stayed longer, there were still so many places we wanted to go to. But we got to see our friends and hit up our favorite places: Melrose Flea Market, The Getty, In-N-Out, and Griffith Park. It was a great trip but i'm happy to be back in Austin.